Why should I go see a Shamanic Practitioner?

healing shamanism spirituality Aug 18, 2021

If you have ever heard of shamanic healing or shamanism, you’ve probably wondered what they do exactly.  If you haven’t, check out my post What is Shamanism and How Can It Help?


In our Western culture, most people don’t know any shamans or if they do, they are simply westerners who have studied and incorporate the ancient traditions into their lives.  That’s me!  I am not an indiginous healer.  I have not and probably will not ever live in the Andes, Peru, or the Amazon.  I have learned to walk the path of the wounded healer and have a wonderful gift for seeing, feeling, and understanding what is happening in our souls, or the energy that surrounds each and every one of us.


Wanna know the biggest secret?


Each and every one of us has the ability to do that exact thing!  We can all learn to feel, sense, and speak to the forces that live in spirit with us!  

Crazy, right?


Have you ever just randomly thought of a distant friend or relative and then later on, that very person reaches out to you?  Or maybe for some reason you felt the need to take a different route home, only to find out that there was an accident on your usual route?  That big knot in your stomach that was telling you to stay home from a night out or a date?  Goosebumps when you talk of certain things?  Those “coincidences” are your spirit communicating with you!!


In ancient times when we led tribal lives in communion with nature and the forces, we were much more connected to the ability to sense or feel what was happening around us.  Many of us lived as a part of a community, helping each other get over fears, grief, and traumas.  Most communities would have a medicine man or healer...these were the shamans.


The shaman would always be there for the hunters who came back with experiences of extreme danger to return all lost soul fragments to those who were affected or injured.  They would also be called upon at the arrival of a new baby to bless the baby and call forth its benevolent healing allies. 


Today, so many of us walk around with wounds or joys that hardly get acknowledged due to the fast-paced, disconnected life we live in today.


As a Shamanic Practitioner, it is my job to reconnect you with your very own personal helping spirits and guide you on your path to healing.  All of us have spirit guides or helping spirits that are just waiting for us to remember and call them into action.  They know you, they protect you, and they love you!  Our guides are our ancestors, once, twice, or ten times removed and have been with us our entire lives.  They see you and their mission is to help you in this lifetime.


Through much practice and studying, I am able to evoke these helpers for you and re-introduce you to them.  Some of us know who our guides are without actually knowing.  For example, they were that “imaginary” friend you use to have or maybe your grandmother who had passed away but would still come visit you.  It is that force you feel but can’t explain when you almost got in an accident but avoided it somehow.  

When should I go see a Shamanic Practitioner?


You might be ready to heal an old wound or trauma like abuse or abandonment.  Maybe you want a new career or to move to a new place but you’re feeling stuck or like you don’t know what your next steps should be. You may have experienced a loss and just can't seem to recover from it.  Perhaps you are ready to let go of an old behavior pattern or learned belief that no longer serves you, like being in toxic relationships or that you are unworthy of true love and happiness.  You may be ill or have recently been ill.  Every one of those examples, among many more, are all reasons to seek the help of a shamanic practitioner and your spirit helpers! 


In a healing session, there are many different things that can happen depending on your personal needs.  We may just meet your helping spirits or we could be guided to perform a Soul Retrieval, Clearing, Past Life Regression, Akashic Records reading, or an Ancestral Healing among other things.  


I plan to write more articles and also do webinar trainings on each of these different practices so stay tuned!  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!  I love to share my knowledge with those willing to learn.



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