At Alchemy, we strive to provide a relaxing and safe space to rejuvinate your whole being. We believe that body, mind, and soul are very connected and by treating all aspects will result in incredible improvement in quality of life in addition to pain relief and relaxation.






To live life in balance, we must align body, mind, and soul.

My mission with Alchemy is to help as many people as possible overcome their hardships and transform their lives to the greatest possible version.

I started out as a massage therapist who wanted to be able to offer my clients more. I knew that I was helping most of them but wasn't completely fulfilled. I began immersing myself into learning different modalities and therapies.

Years later, I have too many certifications to list but have completely transformed my own life as a result of my learning. Some physical, some mental, and a lot of spiritual. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you can find purpose, inner peace, and a life filled with health in body, mind, and soul.

As of August 2022, I am slowly updating the services that I offer. Currently I am accepting new clients for massage therapy, Reiki energy healing, hypnotherapy, and 1-on-1 mentorships. If you have any questions about any of these services, please reach out or book a 30-minute connection call to discuss all of the options to work with me!

Amanda C

"Amber is amazing. Always asking questions before our reiki session begins. So she knows if we want her focusing on certain things more than others. I had an excellent reiki/massage session. I look forward to more in the future. She checked in with me multiple times during the massage time to make sure I was still comfortable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. See you soon."


Jackie J

"Yet another great massage yesterday with Amber. She really knows how to get the knots out. I have neck and hip issues and she has helped my flexibility improve. Highly recommend! She really cares!"



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